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Brad's Blurb

Submitted by bdharr3 on Tue, 12/15/2015 - 10:36 am

Hello A&S Staff and Friends,

With winter weather just around the corner, I wanted to pass on the HR policies related to severe weather delays/closures at   In general, UK's policy is to keep all offices open and classes meeting as scheduled except under extraordinary weather conditions.  The most accurate and complete information on cancellation of classes and closure of offices can be found on the UK main website at   The University's concerns around winter weather extend beyond campus policy and procedure, to the safety of every member of our community.  With this in mind, check out the new UK WalkSafe website for safety tips at:   Last winter, there were several reported injuries related to slips/falls on campus sidewalks.  It can take some time for the UK ground crews to remove the snow and ice from walkways, so it is important to be aware of sidewalk conditions when arriving and departing work.

Commonly asked question regarding PEs often focus on the one-on-one meeting with your supervisor.   This is one aspect of the PE process that many of us wonder how to approach.  Look at it as structured time for you to sit down with your supervisor and talk about your job.  Go into the discussion with:

  • A copy of your self-evaluation comments (key accomplishments and impact on organization)
  • Your own assessment of how the year went, and what your goals are for the coming year
  • Any questions you have for your supervisor.  Here are a few suggestions for questions to ask your supervisor;
    • What do you think went well this year?
    • What are the organization's goals and major projects/initiatives for the next year? 
    • What should my main focus be next year?  What challenges do we face this upcoming year?
    • What can I do to help meet our priorities next year? 
    • Do my job standards accurately reflect my duties and responsibilities? 
    • How can I be more helpful to other people?

In every newsletter I try to identify a few UK benefits that may interest you.  Four are listed below. 

1.  The first one is the Employer Assisted Housing Program (EAHP).   EAHP is an employer assisted housing program for eligible employees that provides “forgivable loans” of up to $15,000 to eligible employees for down payment, closing costs rehabilitation and renovation assistance for the purchase of houses, condominiums, town houses and duplexes in the designated neighborhood revitalization areas.  The loans are secured by a lien on the property.  Each participating employee agrees to live in the home purchased through this program for at least five (5) years, after which the lien will be removed.  More information about this program can be found at     

2.  UK is offering for a limited time, free financial counseling services.  Individualized counseling sessions are available by contacting Todd M. Macaulay, CFP, AIF, at (859) 218-1589 or

3.  UK employees can purchase a Fitbit (Flex or One) device for as low as $19 when you commit to participate in an upcoming physical activity challenge.  This cost is almost $80 off the MSRP.  Fitbit is an innovative way to use technology to keep on top of your personal health.  To learn more about the device go to   

4.  Faculty and staff can acquire up to four free tickets to the UK women’s basketball game at Rupp Arena versus Duke.  Bring your employee ID to Joe Craft Center’s ticket office to redeem your tickets.  The UK vs Duke game is on Sunday, Dec 20 at 7:00 pm.

Last week I read an article on about the importance of supportive teams.  The title of the article is “Royal Mistake?  That’s when you need a Supportive Team.”   It is a reminder of how important it is when individuals make errors in the workplace, that fellow team members remain supportive.  To gain context for the article before reading first check out these two You Tube videos.  The first video (1:21 min) is a sportscaster description of what happened at a 2015 Women’s World Soccer Cup match:   The second video (23 sec.) is the video replay showing what occurred:   The article is at:  This reminded me of one of our A&S professional standards of respect.  Collectively we value an atmosphere of compassion and understanding; this includes supporting colleagues even when they make a “royal mistake.”   

Thanks for reading and have a great week.  I look forward to seeing everyone at the All Staff Meeting on Monday, December 21, 9-11 am, Classroom Building 106.