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UK Geography Prof. Kim receives Nystrom Award

Professor Daehyun Kim has won the Association of American Geographers J. Warren Nystrom Award for 2012. 

Dr. Nystrom, a distinguished scholar and educator, was Director of the AAG from 1966 to 1979. He established the award to recognize the best academic paper based upon a recent dissertation in geography. Daehyun completed his PhD at Texas A & M University and his research foci include biogeography, coastal and forest ecology, and soil-landform modeling. More specifically he is pursuing issues of bio-geophysical complexity in which he models the relationships between vegetation and soils as they relate in complex and dynamic ways to climate, hydrology, and landforms. His dissertation addressed the Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Salt Marsh Vegetation Across Scales, wherein his field-based research became the basis for conceptual and simulation models that illustrate how environmental systems interact to create biogeographic patterns. Our heartiest congratulations to Daehyun on winning this prestigious award!