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About AAAS / Africa at UK

Africa at UK

At the University of Kentucky we have a vibrant, research active, group of Africanist scholars, working on a range of topics, including art history, post-independence politics and social movements, religion and belief systems, economic and environmental dynamics, and issues of development, among many others. Regional expertise includes East and Southern Africa, as well as West African nations.  

We encourage students and colleagues to contact us with any Africa related interests and questions. In the College of A&S, the following departments and people offer Africa related classes, study abroad opportunities, and have ongoing research programs on the continent.   

Emily Beaulieu (Political Science)
Betsy Beymer-Ferris (Geography)
Lisa Cliggett (Anthropology)
Steven Davis (History)
Karen Mingst (Political Science)
Francis Musoni (History)
Monica Udvardy (Anthropology)

Kwaku Addo (College of Agriculture)
Kristen Perry (College of Education)
MB Visona`(College of Fine Arts)