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Major in AAAS



  • 18 hours of required AAS courses:

    • AAS 100, AAS 200, AAS 301, AAS 400 (taken twice under different subtitles), and AAS 401 (capstone course and fulfills GCCR)
  • 15 hours of electives from an approved list.

    • 12 credits must be at the 300-level or above (many of these courses are cross-listed with AAS and other departments)
  • 6 or more credits of free electives (non-AAS prefix) at the 200-level or above in allied departments

    • Allied departments include A&S, AIS, A-H, HIS, SOC, ENG, FR, MUS, ANT, GEO, PS, SW, EDP, and GWS.
    • Free electives may not be counted toward the UK Core or A&S requirements. 
  • Total:  39 credit hours


For general questions about AAAS, please contact Dr. Anastasia Curwood, Program Director:

For questions about undergraduate programs in AAAS, please contact Dr. Derrick White, Associate Director and Director of Undergraduate Studies: